Consumer Reports: Pet Insurance rarely pays

Is Pet Insurance worth the cost?

Summary: Consumer Reports analysis is that pet insurance rarely pays

Consumer Reports’ August 2011 issue has a Special Report: “Tame your pet costs.”  They compare pet insurance costs vs payouts from ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, 24PetWatch Quickcare, VPI Pet Insurance and Trupanion Pet Insurance.  Their conclusion?

Pet Insurance Is Rarely Worth The Price…
Only in uncommon cases, when a pet required very expensive care,
would the coverage have more than paid for itself.”

Consumer Reports used the lifetime vet bills of Roxy, a 10-year old beagle in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., for their test.  They calculated the insurance costs and reimbursements over Roxy’s 10 years.  None of the nine pet insurance policies would have paid out more than the projected premiums.  Pet Assure, a veterinary savings plan that is not insurance, would have saved Roxy’s family over $1,000!

Even when Consumer Reports added in treatments for several hypothetical serious ailments for Roxy,  they calculated that the average insurance policy would only have saved $65 over the 10 years.  Pet Assure would have saved Roxy’s family almost $2500!

Consumer Reports concludes: “We believe most pet owners will be better off passing up pet insurance…” Pet Assure, on the other hand, seems to be the sensible choice for most pet families.

This explains why Pet Assure is growing rapidly nationwide.  Pet Assure members visit local veterinarians, receive the same medical care as everyone else, show their membership card and the veterinary staff reduces their fees by 25%.  The savings are immediate – right at the time of service.  Because Pet Assure does not need to underwrite policies like insurance companies need to, there are no exclusions, no deductibles, no waiting periods and no limitations.  Also in sharp contrast with insurance, all pets are eligible, even pets with pre-existing conditions.  Pet Assure is a simple petcare savings plan that is redefining how people care for their pets.

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A Pet Health Plan Saves Lives

Too many pets suffer every year from treatable diseases, all because finding an affordable pet health plan can be hard for some people. Regular pet insurance is expensive and often has so many clauses and exclusions that some pets can’t even get the help they need. Problems like diabetes or thyroid issues are often turned down because they’re pre-existing conditions. Our pets mean the world to us and that’s why Pet Assure has a pet insurance alternative that is low-cost and has absolutely no exclusions.

It’s true that in this economy getting coverage for your pet may seem like a luxury, but it isn’t. Their health is as important as yours, and if anything happened to them, you know you wouldn’t forgive yourself for not having them covered. So don’t take the risk! Can’t afford it? With Pet Assure, you can. Afraid your dog is too old for coverage? Not with Pet Assure. You can get coverage for any pet, any age, with any condition. If you are still hesitant, you can try Pet Assure for 45 days risk free.

No one has any excuse for not taking care of the ones you love, furry or otherwise! So make the choice to cover your best friend so they can keep giving you love!


Pet Insurance Alternatives

pet insuranceIt’s not fair but it’s true. Just like humans, pets get denied coverage for medical pet insurance claims. This could be for any number of reasons, including the response that a medical condition is “typical of that breed.” That shouldn’t mean that your pet can’t get the care he deserves. It’s just plain cruel when your pet is in pain. They can’t care for themselves! You need to find some way of getting them what they need to recover.

You want to know that your pet is going to be taken care of and that if they need to go to the vet, you can take them without having to panic about sky-rocketing costs. This is a reason you need to look into pet insurance alternatives. With an alternative, you will go through a much simpler application as you would with a pet insurance company, but you won’t ever get denied. Places like Pet Assure will help you when you need cat insurance or dog insurance. It is even open to pets with pre-existing conditions. You need to act in case your beloved family pet falls ill.

It’s a reassurance to you and your family knowing that you will receive discounts at the time of service from this alternative.


My Wandering Cat Needs Pet Insurance

I have an indoor cat, Schmi, who is pretty much my best friend. She snuggles with only me, follows only me, and runs to the door only when I get home. She doesn’t quite have that sort of bond with anyone else in the family. She’s spent all of her 7 years indoors, but once in a while, she sneaks outside of the house. It just happened the other night. She got out and disappeared down the driveway. And that’s when I knew, I really had to look into some sort of pet health insurance alternative.

There are a lot of strays in my neighborhood and I worry how she’d fair against such tough street cats. Every time she disappears, I worry that she’ll come back hurt. We live in the city, so traffic is another worry. I’m a nervous wreck until she wanders back home. I really need to be prepared for anything because we can’t possibly always keep an eye on her. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have the money to take her to the vet. It’s time I look into cat insurance alternative, so I’m ready just in case.


A New Puppy In The Apartment

Last week I spoke of my roommate whom I required to get a pet insurance alternative before he could bring a puppy into our apartment. Well, lucky us, Brian went out and found a cheap dog insurance alternative and as soon as he signed up, he found himself an adorable new pit-bull. At eight weeks old, we have already gotten to know Cassie’s amazing personality and cannot wait to see what kind of a dog she will grow up to be.

Cassie is already proving to be smart as a whip. Brian works from home, and therefore can afford a maternity leave’s worth of time off for his puppy. Within five days of Cassie’s arrival, Brian had trained her to go to the bathroom on her Wee Wee Pad, taught her to sit on command, and is currently training her on a wireless dog fence. This is no small feat for a dog so young.

This is the first time I have ever lived with a dog. Every minute is a new discovery with her around. She has taken pretty kindly to our frequent guests and everyone cannot wait to spoil her. Just yesterday, a trip to Target became a test of how much restraint I could show while walking through the puppy gear aisle.


Dog Insurance Or No Dog

When my roommate said he wanted a dog, I was nervous but also a little excited. I am a canine lover! They’re among the greatest creatures of the animal kingdom; Loyal, fun, often funny, and just a genuine pleasure to be around. Thing is, a few years ago I had roommates that were really not consistent with their pet care. Sometimes, their dogs needed medical attention, but my roommates had very little money and clearly even less sense, and they just let the poor babies go unattended. It was horribly distressing.

“If you want to bring a dog here,” I told my roommate, “you’ll need to invest in dog insurance .” There was no way I was living with a sad, sick animal again. It would be too much to bear. He agreed affably and went to find the perfect dog.

He found a little pit-bull puppy, young enough to train effectively on an electric dog fence from Flexpetz, and just adorable. It has been a joy having the little guy around. We all get to enjoy him and my roommate really gives him the best medical care. He ended up with a cheap pet insurance alternative and is very happy to say that it has saved him a lot on his pet care costs. Were all thrilled and feel secure that this puppy will be with us for a long time.


Capture The Memories

The good times. A friend of mine loved his dog more than anything in the world. He made his dog his background on his phone and his computer, he had photos around his desk and house. He spent hours running with his dog in the backyard with his new pet fence. Each day it was hard to see who was more excited about who. Those two were truly best friends in a way that was touching and in the end a little heart breaking.

Eventually his dog, like all dogs and us, got sick. They spent a long time trying to keep the dog healthy, thanks to an alternative to pet insurance they had wisely invested in. But eventually things would not hold out and the dog, at the ripe age of seventeen, passed away peacefully. It was great that the alternative dog insurance kept the pup alive so long; we were all grateful. My friend was devastated. Nothing was going to replace that dog in his life or his  heart.

Somewhat luckily, we had spent much of the past several years video taping the dog extensively. Now my dear friend  could relive some moments with his favorite pooch. It was touching watching him enjoy the company of his favorite dog. It was touching for me to because I think he might have been my favorite too.

Cat Insurance

When we think about pet insurance and its alternatives we usually reserve the thought for dogs. Cats don’t get a lot of attention. Though a cat may lack your dog’s sense of risk-taking, they can still come down with a wide variety of ailments. Saving the life of your cat could turn out to be just as expensive and stressful as saving that of a dog. You value your cat as much as any other pet (or more), so why should you skimp on a cat pet insurance plan, or something like it?

We love all of our pets equally and it is important to keep that in mind when planning for your pet’s future. It makes no difference if it is a playful puppy or a precocious kitten we’re talking about. These animals deserve full and fun lives; they certainly do enough to help make ours full and fun. It is with that in mind that we recommend some sort of version of cat insurance just as highly as we would dog insurance or its alternative. A cat can really make a home complete. They help us ward off pests and some of the blues of loneliness. Their general self-sufficiency aside, we owe them real care.


More Employers Offering Pet Insurance as Benefit

2010 has seen a record amount of people who have covered their pets using pet insurance or a pet insurance alternative. With the importance of pet insurance and other alternatives on the rise, employers across the nation are adjusting their benefit packages in an attempt to persuade potential employees. In recent years it seems that many employers have had to deliver a lot of bad news to employees as far as benefits go, and the recent rise in pet insurance acquisitions and pet insurance alternative acquisitions by companies implies that the cost may not be as high as once thought. Some of the largest companies in the US have added pet insurance or a pet insurance alternative to their list of benefits. Brand names like Morgan Stanley, HP, BMW, The Boeing Company and many more. In fact, at this point, five out of every Fortune 500 companies have already offered pet insurance or a pet insurance alternative as a voluntary benefit to their employees.

Finding affordable pet insurance or a pet insurance alternative is becoming one of the most talked about benefits in the employment world and the online community is already buzzing with links and reviews to pet insurance and pet insurance alternative companies. It will probably become as common as human health insurance as more people have pets and the cost of maintaining their health keeps rising. If you have a pet that is not covered, now is probably the time to research insurance.

Pet Insurance Is Surging In the US

For nearly 30 years, pet health insurance has been available in the US. But only in recent years has this service been surging in popularity. There may be several reasons for this rising force in the insurance industry. One of them could be the humanization and changing approach to the family pet. Despite the economic downturn, many people still tend to their pets as if they are in fact family members, and many would attest that they feel their pet is an inseparable part of the family.

The United States has 78 million dogs and 93 million cats. According to an estimate from the American Pet Products Association, three percent of dogs and one percent of cats are now covered by pet insurance. If that number seems small, think about the fact that this is actually an increase double in size since 1998, when only one percent of dogs and virtually no cats were covered.

Another reason for the rise of pet insurance is the rising cost of medical services performed on pets. A visit to a veterinary doctor can run from 100 dollars to thousands. To avoid this price shock, many are turning to pet insurance to stay safely in the range of decent pet care.

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